The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has unveiled an interactive map that can help Canadians deal with emergency situations.

The map identifies which radio and television stations across Canada distribute emergency alert messages and provides a list of cable and satellite companies that do so as well.

The creation of the map intends to help Canadians access important information easily in critical times.

Since more than 80% of people living in Canada now own a mobile device, the CRTC is also currently examining whether wireless service providers should participate in the NPAS.

What constitutes an emergency?

Alerts are issued by emergency management officials including fire marshals, police services, and government departments such as Environment Canada, for a variety of conditions that count as imminent threats.

These can include but are not limited to, floods, water contamination, forest fires and Amber alerts for missing children.

“Canadians are now able to see exactly which broadcasters and television service providers across Canada distribute emergency alert messages. These alerts are an efficient and effective way to alert Canadians in an emergency situation, and in some cases save lives or prevent serious injury,” said Jean-Pierre Blais, CRTC Chairman and CEO.

Public Safety Canada is currently the lead federal department responsible for emergency management.

Check out the map to see a list of emergency alert broadcasters in your area by clicking here .