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Found memories!

This wasn't my first computer--that had been a Commodore Vic-20, a machine with the same body as the C64 but with just 2 kilobytes of memory. I can recall using that little machine with my old friend to write the most elementary little BASIC programs:

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I too owned a Vic-20 first. I was in the military then and some of us had ordered our Vic-20 through one of our coworker soldier that was going on assignment in the US. The main reason for those Vic-20s was to use them to learn basic programming provided by a Warrant Officer which was the president of our computer club. I was in a young marriage then and I can recall having to give up the Vic-20 programming as my young wife was complaining I was going to bed too late at night so I had to give up my Vic-20 training/pleasure to do my young husband duty. The Vic-20 was fun but never the young bride had to twist my harm to accomplish my duty (I was a soldier afterall!!) :cool:

When I was on my PL5 (Course/training that led to Full technician status upon completion) electronic course/training the Commodore 64 was the new favored toy and I can recall our troop playing games during our lunch periods. This was a good tool to keep the troops together and high morale within those troops. The Vic-20 was now in my eyes a boat anchor and I was drooling about this new Commodore 64. When I was transferred to Inuvik North West Territories, our CANEX (small Canadian military exchange) was closing few months before the station it self and I could not resist getting my hands on one of those Commodore 64 being let go at ridiculous pricing (I made sure to bring back a huge microwave oven and portable dish washer to prompt WAF) :cool:

I remember the quality of the Commodore CRT monitor. It was so good that the Commodore had erected its home in our bedroom. This fine piece of art was used as a basic computer, gaming station along with heavy usage as a bedroom monitor and I guess it was kind of my first theater like experience. My VHS and Beta players were both hooked up to the monitor for endless movie watching in the comfort of our love nest.

My Commodore 64 was put to rest (in storage) for a year when I was transferred to Bermuda as the beautiful beaches had for some reason a greater appeal. When I came back to Canada/Ottawa, I was glad to see my old friend again and use/abuse it during the long Canadian winters evenings/nights. However, the Commodore 128 was the new attraction and my loyalty/love was moving away from my dear 64. We had purchase a home in Gatineau then and with 2 young children I decided to part away with the 64 and accessories in order to provide the money around the new home and family which now had all of the priorities. At times, I had some regrets parting away with this great toy but I survived.

All of this babble to finally say that if this is more than a rumor I would love to acquire the new version of the toy and integrate it to the HT. This would be great timing as I could introduce the soon to be 4 (at at present 3 and 1 more to come in the fall) grand children to the joy and entertainment of the Commodore 64. I was thinking of a gaming station the past year or so for the grand kids but I might wait and see what the Commodore 64 has to offer in this time and age.:cool:
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