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I agree, Altaman, it's a stellar show. As an actor, I like to keep track of certain shows that are made here in Canada. And this one keeps my interest as well. It has pretty high production values: it doesn't look like a cheaply made show. And I love seeing Canadian actors I recognize from other shows and from my own career.

I never really liked Jerry Slate's character, and her son just got tedious -- doing the same thing ep after ep. Finally at the end of season two, they hinted at some connections between him and the Devil. Changing actresses for Maya between seasons one and two was interesting: actually working her change in appearance into the story. She's starting to grow on me. I like that her character is changing throughout the series. Morgan is a decent character, but he basically does the same thing every ep, much like Eliza Dushku's character from Tru Calling.

What's a lot of fun is the character of the Devil. The actors playing him seem to be having a ball! Evil and repulsive, yet with intelligence, wit and charm -- I can't help enjoying the character! While the stories can easily fall into the same formula (a la Tru Calling), what I find fascinating is the reasons behind the deals that these people make. To see why they did it, and how they dealt with the repercussions from the deal. Fortunately, the writers have written about fascinating people from all walks of life, and it's interesting hearing their stories.

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