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It's a bit confusing and frustrating when the broadcast locations and signal margin are not reliable indicators of channel access.
For example, channels 18 and 50, carried on 18 are not available, but all of the other channels here are... Very strange, all broadcast are from Mt Wilson and so transit all of the same terrain and the signal margin of 2, 4 and 5 are lower than are 18/50.
Well, sometimes you win and sometimes you don't.
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KSCI on 18 is co-channel with KUSI in San Diego. So you will get one or the other, but not both. If you receive KPBS and/or KNSD, that's probably your issue.

It's possible you could be experiencing a similar issue with 28. The RabbitEars database lacks good data for Mexican stations, so they're not included in the results. KCET is co-channel with XHJK in Tijuana. It's possible that, like KUSI and KSCI, both signals are canceling out on 28.

- Trip
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