Cool down the whole house, the office or just your hot face on a bus, with these smart devices.

The hot weather is here- at least for today- and more is sure to come soon. Many may be looking forward to cranking up the air conditioning, but if you don’t have any or you do but prefer to keep your usage to a minimum, fans are where it’s at.

You can walk into the local hardware store and get one without a hassle, sure. If you’re looking for something that’s a bit more cutting-edge though, you might want to consider investing in a smart fan.

Most are compatible with both Android and Apple phones, and the good thing is that they eliminate the need to walk across the room or building, in order to kick things up or down a notch.

Ceiling Fans

When it comes to ceiling fans, Haiku is selling a series of sleek designer devices, said to be the world’s most energy efficient as they ccupy the top 19 positions on the ENERGY STAR list to fit that category. Users can control cooling levels via remote, a wall control or the Haiku Home App.

These fans are definitely considerably more expensive than what you’ll find at Home Depot , but you’re obviously getting a much different product.

Hunter also offers smart ceiling fans, that are said to be “smarter than most politicians” and are compatible with Apple Homekit. If you're interested, download the Hunter Fan Visualizer App from Google or
, to see how a new fan will look in your space.

Desk Fans

Too hot in the office? Keep it simple and pick up a fan with smart sensor touch and enjoy some relief.

Small Fans for Your Phone

As for tiny fans, these miniscule portable fans like those from Raytroniks might prove to be a miraculously popular tool on a hot bus, this summer. The fan clips onto your smart phone and uses USB power to cool you down while you talk, surf or watch. It's like having your own personal mini-servant.

The beach, backyard and patio never felt so cool and accessorized.