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Telus's Green 'off' screen (screensaver)

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Is there anyway to get rid of the GREEN screen that saids "Press OK to watch TV" when the stb is turned off?

I'm feeding the box to a monitor and i don't have a remote for it.
So whenever i press off, it would go to the green screen so the monitor won't go to the power save mode.

Anyone know if this can be done?
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I'd like to know too. And I'd like to know how to shut off the digital audio out when the STB is off as well. I have an audio bar that will turn itself off when there's no audio signal, but the Telus STB never really shuts itself off. I had to put it on its own powerbar and turn it off from there to achieve what I want.
Unfortunately there isn't a way to turn off the screensaver in Microsoft Mediaroom.

While we're on the subject, there's no way to stop the screensaver from coming on after a long period of inactivity. With MTS, the screensaver comes on after 6 hours of inactivity. I'm not sure if Telus is the same.

I wasn't aware of the digital audio issue, but now that I think about it, it makes sense since the STB is never really "off".

Under most circumstances, this behaviour isn't a problem. However, there are special situations where it is.

There are "green" power bars that allow you to plug your TV into a sensor outlet on the power bar and when the TV is powered off, the other outlets are powered off as well.
There are "green" power bars that allow you to plug your TV into a sensor outlet on the power bar and when the TV is powered off, the other outlets are powered off as well.
That's very interesting. I don't think that would work well with my Harmony remote, but the idea is interesting.
I tried using the audio ports as a 'power sense' for my remote control system, but ran into the same problem. Dr. Dave suggested a workaround that is working pretty well for me, to mimic discrete on/off commands:
STB/PVR not blanking output when off

Ok, this is really a pain! When you "power off" the PVR or STB, it still outputs a green screen with "Press Ok to view your recordings".

Well, since I use Optik for my TV viewing, where I need small TVs in the house I want to use flatscreen monitors with built-in speakers. They're cheaper and work great since they have an HDMI connection. No need to spend extra on a TV EXCEPT that they have no remote. So you have to switch them on and off manually. Pain in the butt.

If the Optik Box would just kill it's video output when you shut it off, or at LEAST have an option for the video output to be killed when you power it off, then all would be fine. The monitor would go to sleep and no need to go over to it to turn it off.

So annoying!!

So now I'm thinking about getting an IR-controlled AC socket that I can plug the monitor into. Probably cost more than I'm saving on not buying a TV, but maybe not. Anyone seen something like this that maybe even could be controlled by the Telus remote?

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Meestor_X, do i search for "Universal IR Remote Controlled AC Outlet" youll be suprised at what you find and the low cost of the device.
Telus Green Screen + Press okay to watch TV

Hi there,

According to some info that I have found, the green screen appears after about 3 hours from the last time anything was changed on the STB; volume change, channel change, etc.

I have been watching TV and all of a sudden this comes up. The STB goes to sleep thinking that it is not being used since no changes have been made in the past 3 hours or so.

Apparently this is Telus set for power saving and Telus can change this to a degree, not the user from home.

The other thing is that even by pressing the 'okay' Enter button it does nothing; you have to press the 'STB' Button on the Optick remote and then the power button on the remote...then you're back to watching TV.

Interesting stuff...Especially when you are looking after a whole bank of TVs each controlled by a variety of users...
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