IPTV provider Telus TV is expected to roll-out a new high definition personal video recorder (HD PVR), new firmware for existing top boxes, and a new electronic program guide in February.

Details are sketchy at this time but Digital Home has learned that Telus has been testing the new equipment and firmware for months under the codename "Komodo."

The company's IPTV offerings are similar to digital cable or satellite television except that tv signals are distributed to viewers using a high speed internet connection over phone lines rather than through a cable or satellite connection.

Currently Telus has over 137,000 IPTV subscribers in British Columbia and Alberta.

Other rumoured features of the "Komodo" build of IPTV equipment is whole home PVR functionality, similar to what recently announced by MTS , which will enable set top boxes throughout the home to stream recording's from the PVR.

The following is a screenshot of the new Electronic Program Guide (EPG) currently being tested for roll-out next month.

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