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Telus time - Inaccurate

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I know this must sound a bit trivial, but I'm curious about a time discrepancy. That is, my iPhone's time is generally 20 seconds behind actual time (relative to synchronized clocks). This is in contrast to my past Windows Mobile device that was always very accurate. From what I understand, my iPhone should be getting the correct time from Telus, but I have no idea how often, and if I reboot my iPhone (which presumably should force a time sync), it is still 20 sec behind. In this day&age, I suppose I'm more surprised than concerned. Is everyone elses' Telus phone 20 seconds behind?

After buying a docking station with it's own clock, which offers an ability for selecting any time zone in North America except Newfoundland, I suppose I also should expect some lack of synchronized time support for "The Rock"(?)
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If the time difference was 15 seconds I would have said it is the difference between GPS and UTC (currently 15 seconds) but with 30 or more seconds there is more than likely a software reason.
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