TELUS said that it will be investing $1 billion in new infrastructure and facilities across B.C. in 2013.

This is part of a three-year, $3 billion commitment to connect homes and businesses directly to fibre optic cable, extend wireless reach to more communities and expand 4G LTE network coverage throughout the province.

Darren Entwistle, TELUS President and CEO, said nearly $29 billion has already been invested in operations and technology in B.C. since 2000.

"This year TELUS continues that legacy, once again connecting even more British Columbians to our advanced communications infrastructure and all of the benefits it creates. Our top priority is to put our customers first in all that we do. In this regard, we know how vital our infrastructure is for British Columbians, that it is the backbone used by small businesses to market their services and accept payments, the integrated network through which home and mobile entertainment and communication flow, and critical to advances in how doctors care for their patients. Our commitment to you is that our focus on ensuring our home province is a global leader in respect of telecommunications infrastructure will continue not just this year, but for the years and decades to come."

In addition to improving network coverage and installing new wireless infrastructure, TELUS will open a new data centre in Kamloops, one of the most technologically and environmentally advanced cloud-computing facilities in North America.

The company has also announced it will spend $17 million across Manitoba in 2013 on similar LTE network improvements and an additional $700 million in Alberta.

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