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Considering getting Telus Optik at my house. However, my house is not wired for ethernet. I have one outlet (living room) where I plan to use MoCA to connect the PC at that location to the rest of my home network.

If I get Optik and choose to use coax (family room) to connect the Telus box to the Optik service, will I run into any conflicts between the two MoCA systems?

What if both Optik and my Netgear Moca adapter need to share the same coax wall-jack?

As an aside, I am unable to use wireless for home network. Wireless can't handle the HD streams for my MythTV remote frontend setup.

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Sounds like valid solutions; but I would prefer to go with something that is independent of Telus' hardware so that I would have the flexibility to go with another provider later.

Plus, using the HCNA/HPNA (?) doesn't sound like a supported configuration by Telus. I wouldn't want to deal with a support call for this kind of configuration if any issues arise.

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@ Shadowlordkt:

Id go hard wire ethernet all the way. Yes it may cost some, depending on house/apartment setup.. And where you tv's are.
But it is the best way to get best picture/sound and not have lag,break up or issues with your setup.
If you can, Go eithernet all the way. May have to staple/or tape some eithernet lines to side of wall and out way, But in the long run. coax splitters and older lines in house
(unless house is new) can /could cause problems later down the road.

Also don't update your box if you can, Intill they iron out the bug's currently in 2.xx. Or have then bring a box that still on old 1.6x
I'm currently running all eithernet, To LG HD Tv & 27 Inch bedroom tv..

ALU ADSL modem
Linksys/Cisco WRT160n Router 10/100
- Cisco 430 Telus PVR -> 42' HD TV = HDMI
- Cisco 330 HD IPTV -> 27' tv = S-Video
- Home cpu
- Playstaion 3 (mostly used for Netflix/Blueray/Dvd player )
- Asus Laptop
- Xbox 360

This has worked best for me.. I put my 430 in DMZ zone so it still can be access by Telus network. I've had tech check this and said it's fine. :)
(Note I can't use coax now, but it don't matter to me)

Being a gamer and watching netflix, this worked best for me,, The Telus all in one Router/modem have caused nothing but problems for me..
Ps you can add hub too if needed more connections.. Telus may not official say it's supported, for using own router/hub, but can be done..
Just not sure if everything on at once if that work very well.


Telus ALU ADSL modem
(your router)
port 1 Cisco 430 PVR (Put in Dmz if use own router)
port 2 Cisco 330 HD box
port 3 Computer or Xbox or Ps3..
port 4 To hub/switch
10/100 Hub (example Linksys 10/100 hub )
port 1 computer
port 2 Xbox 360
port 3 Ps3
port 4 (next connect if needed)
port 5 " " "

The hub just acts like splitter, basically giving you more connection if needed.
I used similar setup when my Ex Gf was living with me.. Ran 2-3 months with no problems, In till I had bad snow storm lol

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Already tried Powerline Ethernet (the 200Mbps kits) and unfortunately, the throughput is terrible in my recently built house. It is inadequate for streaming HDTV to my remote MythTV frontends.


Since my place already has coax strung through out the house, it makes sense to at least utilize it for the Telus stuff and keep it separate from PC traffic.

I agree that wiring up ethernet is the best option for PC-connections. However, at the current time, rewiring up the entire house for ethernet is not an option; although it is being planned for the next renovation; which is a couple years down the road.

Back to the original question though, there isn't a lot of evidence one way or another whether the two systems are compatible, however, the following article suggests the two cannot co-exist; I haven't waded through their references to find the supporting argument.
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