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Is it just me or maybe I am missing something, but if you sign a 3 year contract with Telus for the pvr it's a free rental and $10 a month for another box. Where as if you sign 2 years you get the box rental free and $10 off the pvr rental which is $15.
So the 2 year term you can have the pvr and another box for $5 but the 3 year it would cost you $10 if you want another box with the pvr...

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I think you misunderstand the 2 year contract. You get a hardware credit of $10 a month for 2 years. So you get $10 off your PVR rental OR $10 off the STB rental (making it free).

In summary:
2 year contract = $10*24 months = $240
3 year contract = $15*36 months = $540
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