Telus announced today that it will now offer DRM free (digital rights management) songs on selected devices through the Telus music store.

The move comes over a year after digital download leader iTunes dropped all copy protection from its music sales and two years after Puretracks first began offering DRM free songs in Canada.

Customers who have previously purchased copy protected songs and wish to remove the copy protection will be able to do so at a cost of 30 cents per song.

Telus subscribers should note, however, that many music capable devices sold by Telus now and in the past are not DRM free capable meaning customers will not be able to play DRM free songs on their existing device. This includes such popular phones such as the LG 8500 Chocolate, LG 8600 Chocolate Flip, Samsung A950, Samsung Advance, Motorola MOTOKRZR2, HTC Touch and Touch Pro, and the Palm Treo Pro.

See this page on the Telus site for a list of DRM Free capable devices.