Perhaps in response to the increasing amount of competition in the wireless sector, Telus Mobility last week announced a new upgrade fees for wireless phone owners who want to get their hands on the latest wireless device before the end of their contract.

In the past, Telus customers wishing to upgrade their wireless phone would have to wait until their contract expired or pay $20 for each month remaining in the term to terminate the contract and start fresh.

Under the new program, customers who wish to upgrade to a new device before the end of their term will be able to pay an Early Device Upgrade Fee (EDUF) of between $5 and $15 for each month remaining in the term. Telus says customers must have owned their device for at least six months before they can upgrade under the program.

The amount per month will depend on the type of phone you are trying to get rid. The EDUF for feature phones, smartphones and premium smartphones will be $5, $10 and $15 per month respectively for each month remaining in the contract.

For example, if a Telus customer has an LG Keybo (a feature phone) and wants to upgrade and has 15 months left on their contract then they would pay $75 ($5 x 15) to upgrade.

Telus says the reason the upgrade fee is higher for smartphones is because smartphones are more heavily subsidized by the telecommunications giant than feature. According to the company, the EDUF paid by the customer essentially covers the cost of the subsidy originally provided by Telus.

The company also announced they will waive the EDUF fee for customers on a 36 month term who are within six of their contract term end date provided the customers signs a new contract with Telus.

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