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I have had my telus iphone for 5 months and never had a problem with data consumption. However, today i received several text messages from telus progressively warning me that my consumption was reaching its 500mb limit.

I checked my data usage online and was surprised to find the following records showing VERY HIGH data consumption for the 17,16,15 march (my account is set to reset to 0 on the 15th which is my billing day).

usage according to telus account online:(all times GMT; i guess eastern standard time..)

17th march
6:15:59 PM 104386 Kilobytes
5:15:29 PM 137364 Kilobytes
4:15:29 PM 71476 Kilobytes

16th march
8:43:12 PM 62263 Kilobytes

15th march
8:05:47 PM 20958 Kilobytes
7:05:47 PM 90671 Kilobytes
7:03:38 PM 9173 Kilobytes
6:33:36 PM 28856 Kilobytes

So far, in 3 days it says i have consumed 540 megabtyes of data!!!

when i check usage on my iphone it shows only 173mb used so far which fits my "normal" data consumption pattern.

I phone telus but they would not /could not shed any light on this other than suggesting that they turn the cellular data off for now which i did just to be safe.

I did notice that i had many applications running in background mode; some of these apps had location services enabled and push notification enabled.

Could that be the cause of the heavy data usage? can iphone applications in the background consume data at such a high rate?

For now I have removed all apps in the background, turned all notification and location services off. In a few days i will call telus to reestablish the cellular data capability.. however now i am quite worried about what will happen...

has any one else encountered this?

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Based on your March 17 usage I would guess it's one of your apps doing something that is scheduled every hour. Email perhaps with large attachments? If not then malware apps is a possibility. I recall an issue with an iPhone app that broadcasted spam SMS that overloaded the network at one time.
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