The Competition Bureau said yesterday that Telus Corp will be giving rebates to certain customers in the new year. The wireless company will be passing on up to $7.34 million to some of its existing and former wireless customers over false or misleading representations in past advertisements.

According to a report in the Financial Post, this comes after the Competition Bureau launched an inquiry in 2012 over certain third-party services that Canada’s biggest wireless carriers billed its wireless users without their permission.

The advertisements in question used banners online or on mobile phones to invite customers to provide their phone number in exchange for texts containing their horoscopes, trivia questions and new ring tones.

The texts were actually signing customers up for subscription services that charged a fee for each message received.

Telus customers may have received messages from Jesta and MMS, which charged fees through Telus for a variety of themed texts such as Mind Quiz, Love Crush and Joke a Day.

Current Telus customers will receive an automatic rebate on their next bill and eligible former customers will be notified by Telus with details on how to make a claim within 120 days.

Similar legal proceedings are still outstanding against Bell and the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association.

Rogers Communications reached a similar agreement earlier this year.