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Telus Builds Wi-Fi 6 Router

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Here's an oddity. Telus has introduced Wi-Fi 6 (802.11 AX), but their router is an in-house design. An extender is available, but its origin is not discussed.

Details HERE: TELUS Wi-Fi for your home | TELUS .

And somebody loves the design.

Red Dot Design Award: TELUS Wi-Fi 6 Access Point (

Please, somebody, I hope you have a first-hand report on the devices.
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What's pictured is not a router. It is access point. B20 if I'm not mistaken (don't make me walk down to the basement to check, please). I have it for almost 3 months now. It came in combination with Arcadyan NH20A which is combination of ONT and router (there is an acronym for that but escapes me at the moment). Otherwise, not much to report. It works, and it covers a very good range. Supports WPA3-Personal. I have no complains.
In fact, combo of NH20A+B20 is the best I ever had from an ISP. So far (3 months) not a hiccup.
I connected NH20A and B20 with 2.5Gb/s MoCa, since both have it built in. That leaves all ethernet ports available on both, including 10Gb/e port on NH20A and 2.5Gb/s on B20.
I doubt that Telus fully designed that access point, or is it a mesh node? It looks suspiciously similar some other mesh nodes but with a more esthetic case.They may have designed the case or hired a manufacturer to do a design/build. Even Apple, the biggest high tech company on the planet, goes that route. It would not be cost effective for Telus to invest the amount of money required to fully design a new wifi 6 router, not to mention foolish, as wifi 7 routers are just a couple of years away. In any case, wifi 6 is a nice upgrade over wifi 5.
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