TELUS has entered the cloud hosting arena with its new AgilIT Virtual Private Cloud service.

AgilIT Virtual Private Cloud is a general-purpose IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) which allows Canadian businesses the flexibility to adjust their computing resources on demand, without the expense of buying more hardware or hiring additional IT staff.

Tony Krueck, vice-president of Business Products & Services at TELUS reiterates: "This allows businesses to respond with greater agility to market demands, develop new applications faster, and contain IT costs by subscribing to computing capacity only as needed."

Additionally, customers will have all usage information available through a  full-featured control panel with 24x7 remote access to view and manage their cloud.

TELUS AgilIT Virtual Private Cloud is ideal for companies that host servers designed for interacting with a large number of external users such as customers or suppliers. The cloud service also benefits firms who experience seasonal peaks with business activities, do software development and testing or conduct periodic marketing campaigns.

TELUS developed the cloud service with hardware and software technologies from AMD, NetApp, VMware, and Xsigo to ensure customers had the required security, performance, scalability and reliability, especially those businesses which need to retain applications and data within Canada.

The new cloud services will be run primarily from its data centre in Toronto, where thousands of Web hosting customers are serviced. TELUS also operates world-class facilities in Vancouver, Calgary, and Montreal.

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