TELUS just launched its Optik Smart Remote app which lets you channel surf using your mobile phone or tablet.

By tapping or swiping your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, the new app allows you to control your Optik TV to surf through all content choices instead of using the traditional guide.

By linking your mobile device to your digital set top box, you can swipe to change the channel or navigate the interactive program guide without interrupting a moment of your TV program.

David Fuller, TELUS Chief Marketing Officer, sums it up: “There is an incredible amount of content available today and our customers have told us that browsing through all of this content on a traditional remote and TV screen can be both time consuming and frustrating... Optik TV has improved, enabling a richer TV experience for our customers, all with a tap or a swipe of their fingers.”

Another app, Optik on the go, allows customers to view a selection of TV On Demand shows and movies on their mobile devices, tablets and laptops.

Even better if you're an Optik TV subscriber is that an additional 10 new HD channels have been added.

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