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Telus Actiontec Router - Wireless issues

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I recently got the Optik TV bundle deal from telus end of last month. Since then, I've been experiencing some issues with Wifi with my laptop. The router is downstairs, and my laptop is one floor, directly above the same room as the router, so I would say its like just under 25 feet in distance.

My problem is that every now and then my wireless signal drops down to like 6, 9, or 18 mbps on the link speed. But the signal bars usually stays at 5 occasionally at 4. The avg link speed I get on my laptop is like 104 to 144 mbps. I dont know why the fluctuation happens. I never had this problem before when I had the 2WIRE router that telus gave a while ago previous to the actiontec one.

I dont think having a replacing with a new router would do any good, then the Telus TV wouldnt work well, right?

Any of you guys can suggest anything? I am using with the 802.11n + g mode btw.
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All I can sugest is trying a program like NetStumbler to see how many other WiFi access points there are in your area. It will see yours too. If yours is on the same channel as several others in your area, try changing your channel to one that isn't used or isn't used by as many to see if this helps. By default the Actiontec is on Auto, but you can manually set the channel.

You generally never got this kind of thing with the 2WIRE because it broadcasts at 400 milliwatts on full strength and virtually all other wifi is around the 100 milliwatt range. The 2WIRE was a brute, alas its not made anymore, TELUS has only refurbs.

-another TELUS tech
I have used the program inSSIDer, which is similar to the NetStumbler, and I already set my channel to 7, which is far away from other router channels.

Wiremonkey, would the Telus TV service would work if I use another (stronger) router? If that doesnt work, I guess maybe adding a wireless repeater would be a safer and suitable solution?
You MUST use the Actiontec with Optik. You can place a router of your choosing behind it if you choose, but make sure the other router you chose is on a different address scheme than the that the Actiontec uses or you'll be double NATed and have issues. DMZ your router in the Actiontec and then turn off the Actiontecs wifi.

Strange you have problems, the Actiontec is N wifi and a good performer in my experience with it.

- another TELUS tech
Might be an idea. It always seems to have good range to me. Wouldn't be the first out of box failure. They do happen even Ferrari makes lemons.

-another TELUS tech
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