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Telus Actiontec Router - Wireless issues

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I recently got the Optik TV bundle deal from telus end of last month. Since then, I've been experiencing some issues with Wifi with my laptop. The router is downstairs, and my laptop is one floor, directly above the same room as the router, so I would say its like just under 25 feet in distance.

My problem is that every now and then my wireless signal drops down to like 6, 9, or 18 mbps on the link speed. But the signal bars usually stays at 5 occasionally at 4. The avg link speed I get on my laptop is like 104 to 144 mbps. I dont know why the fluctuation happens. I never had this problem before when I had the 2WIRE router that telus gave a while ago previous to the actiontec one.

I dont think having a replacing with a new router would do any good, then the Telus TV wouldnt work well, right?

Any of you guys can suggest anything? I am using with the 802.11n + g mode btw.
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Ive had a similar issue with wireless on the actiontech as well. I ordered a directional high gain antenna and got an improvement but it does still fluctuate.

I have tried different channels to no avail too It fluctuates same as pushead describes. Its likely a firmware issue. I even tested with my dir-655 on the same channels right beside the actiontech location and it does not fluctuate like the actiontec does. I did that test to confirm if it could have been RF interference from some other device near by.

pushead as others described you could put another router in for your wifi access, I was doing this for sometime with my dlink but since pulled it out of service to clean up my wiring mess around the house. I had both the actiontec and the dir-655 running the same wireless network in bridge mode and gave me greatly improved wifi coverage and much more reliable connectivity.

Another idea is to reposition your antenna and see if that helps.
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