Global television shipments were 55.5 million units in the second quarter of 2011, down 1 percent from 56.2 million units in the same quarter a year earlier, according to recent report from DisplaySearch.

The decline was not a big surprise to analysts since the second quarter of 2010 was very strong due an increase in demand last year prior to the World Cup Soccer Tournament.

LCD Shipments

DisplaySearch says LCD TV shipments worldwide grew at least 20% each quarter in 2010, but have slowed down considerably in 20111, rising 9% over the previous year in the first quarter and 6% over the previous year in quarter two.

The slowing growth has impacted both developed and emerging markets, with LCD TV units falling 5% and rising 19% respectively, both well below the rate of growth a year earlier. The main inhibitor to faster LCD TV price erosion, something that has a strong positive impact on consumer demand in the highly elastic TV market, has been the transition from CCFL to LED and slower component pricing declines. LED share increased from 18% of LCD TV shipments in the second quarter of 2010 to to more than 43% in the second quarter of 2011. LED, however, still carries a 74% average premium across all sizes, though this is down from a 120% plus premium a year ago.

Sales of LCD's will likely only jump again when LED backlight cost breakthroughs, which have been slow to materialize, start bringing down the price of LEDs.

Plasma Shipments

Plasma TV shipments showed remarkable growth of 30% in 2010 after negative growth in 2009. The boost in growth was attributable to Plasma's pricing advantages against LCD for similar sizes.

LCD TV prices started to narrow the gap this year, and the premium for a 42” class CCFL LCD over plasma narrowed from 13% in the second quarter of 2010 to to less than 1% this year. The result is plasma TV shipments fell 6% in the second quarter.



Flat Panel Revenues by Brand

Samsung was first in LCD revenues and second in both plasma and CRT TV revenues during the quarter. Samsung also regained the lead in LCD TV unit share position from Vizio for the first time in over a year.

Combined plasma and LCD sales meant Samsung remained the global leader in overall flat panel revenues with a 22.6% share. Next up was LGE with a 14.5% share. LGE was number three in LCD TV and plasma TV, but led in CRT TV with more than double the revenue share of any other brand.

Sony remained the number three brand in global flat panel TV revenues (11.4%) during the quarter with a small increase in share. Panasonic (9.4%) and Sharp (7.0%) rounded out the top five, trading share positions again compared to last quarter, mainly through the addition of Sanyo to Panasonic’s global TV business.


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