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I had a chance to test the new Televes 148383 DAT LR VHF HI and VHF LO antenna and I have to say, I am glad that someone had the guts to spend money to redesign their DAT LR series. I wanted the VHF Low antenna #148383 since I already had experience with the 148381 w/ VHF Lo. I was set then to compare apples to apples.

Here's a look. I like this pic as it was jet black and you can see the structures well. Testing was done one on the mast at a time. This is just good pic for comparison.
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So, I was told that I could expect to see UHF improve by 2 dB. It did this is largely due to the increased spacing and widening of the UHF elements and some splitting in the bands in the integral pre-amp. Lets see:

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Rectangle Slope Font Plot Parallel

VHF Hi has improved dramatically also. I was told to expect 2-3 dB. Well, I saw more on some stations:

Rectangle Plot Slope Line Font

Rectangle Slope Font Line Plot

I'll get more info up on these antennas. Coronavirus has taken it's toll on my energy level, but I am over it. I'll c over VHF, the most improved band, 5 dB improvement.

For now here's a side by side:

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