In July, Digital Home wrote High Speed Internet Smackdown: Rogers Vs. Teksavvy in which I recommended Teksavvy Cable Internet service over Rogers Internet service because the Teksavvy service was more cost effective, provided excellent customer service, and provided high bandwidth caps and good performance.

Founded in 1998 in Chatham Ontario, Teksavvy is a third party internet access (TPIA) provider which has been popular among Digital Home readers for several years for its DSL internet service. Just over a year ago, the company announced a cable internet service which would offer lower prices and more bandwidth than what consumers could get from Rogers Cable.

I began reviewing the Teksavvy Internet cable service in January of this year and until the end of July was very pleased with the service. Digital Home was able to heartily recommended Teksavvy service to its readers thanks to the positive feedback from many Digital Home members and my positive experience.

Beginning in August 2011, however, I began finding that my Teksavvy Internet service was experiencing significant slowdowns while browsing the web. In subsequent months, Digital Home's Digital forum and the forums at DSL Reports began receiving numerous complaints about the Teksavvy internet service.

Readers were reporting an alarming number of service outages, slowdowns (especially during primetime hours), long customer call times and poor customer service.

For example, here are several threads from Digital Home and DSL Reports discussing the problems at Teksavvy.

Digital Forum Threads
DSL Reports Discussion Threads
In reading through the litany of complaints from users on multiple forums, the consensus among Teksavvy customers is the company has grown too fast and has been unable to keep up with demand. In addition, the numerous problems have led to long wait times for customer service and technical support staff.

Readers have been especially critical of the recently launched Teksavvy VoIP telephone service. Complaints include no telephone service, poor voice quality, long waits for calls to connect, and poor and, at times, non-existent customer support.

Digital Home Recommendations

The problems at Teksavvy appear to be especially acute among cable internet and VoIP telephone subscribers while DSL internet customers still seem quite satisfied with the company.

Digital Home recommends that, if you are a current Teksavvy Internet customer and have not been experiencing any service interruptions or slowdowns, you should stay with the company. The old adage of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" applies here. Teksavvy offers excellent monthly pricing and high bandwidth caps so there is no reason for satisfied customers to switch back to the local phone or cable company for internet service.

For readers, who are considering Teksavvy Internet or VoIP telephone service, our recommendation is to avoid Teksavvy until the company can provide the high quality service it was known for in the past.

For new Teksavvy customers, who are experiencing significant slowdowns, our advice is to return to your previous provider. The problems at the company have been going on for months now and our review suggests the problems could continue for months to come.

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