Backyards are in use and it’s time to break out the outdoor tech. If you’re looking to replace old gear or simply spruce things up, there are a number of investments you can make.


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Many consumers like to start by simply adding some music to their outdoor fun. You don’t need to blast the neighbours away, but a solid set of outdoor speakers will give you quality sound you can enjoy anywhere. Find what works for you.

Get hidden outdoor speakers to keep a consistent look and fool the hedgehogs. If you’d rather go for something small that’s easy to place anywhere though, highly portable weather proof Bluetooth speakers can get the job done, and are something you can bring along to other locales.

Lights and More

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When it comes to ambiance and time spent outside in the evening, Solar powered outdoor lights can add some welcome glow to your path, deck or garden. In addition, bug zappers can help keep the gang  comfortable. You don’t need them yet, but you know that biting company is coming.


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Splurging on outdoor heating can also keep things cozy at night. You definitely won’t need it come July, but if you’re hoping to spend long evenings under the stars before the end of May, it could come in handy. And you can always turn it on again, come September to maximize your entertainment time.

An Automated Mower

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One of the most useful and least talked about devices when it comes to adding tech to your backyard is an automated mower. It comes with a pricey tag but claims to have an “intuitive user-friendly control panel” and to have been “re-engineered for maximum laziness”. Why lift a finger when a robot can do it all?

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