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Let me open by saying that I like Taylor Swift musical stylings. She always sound sincere and poured her heart out in every single recording and performance. Even for an event as mundane as the opening of last year's CES.

Unfortunately, her Holiday Collection may just be the worst Christmas album of the year.

All the sincerity, heartfelt voice have all but disappeared. She sounds like someone who is offended by every single syllable of every single song on this album.

Take "Last Christmas", for example, there is no correlation between the lyric vs delivery vs the arrangement of the recording. Every little bit of this song is out of context and so does every song on the CD.

Recording quality is also nothing to brag about. Even her vocal recording sounds very harsh compared to the rest of her albums.

After listening to the entire album several times (I really did try to like this album), I want my time back. IMHO, it's not worth the $0 price of the album I received it for.

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