Are all the duct and window cleaning companies in your area calling you up for business? At dinner? Every day? Even if you’re on the national ‘do not call’ list ?

Last July, the CRTC announced that it was launching a public consultation to come up with a better answer as to how to help prevent Canadians from getting these annoying, unwanted phone calls.

Currently, the commission is exploring new and innovative solutions to enhance consumer protections, including, they say, “those that may reduce illegitimate caller identification (caller ID) spoofing.”

The CRTC is inviting all Canadians to participate in the consultation by sharing their views on technical solutions that could help people manage unsolicited or illegitimate telecommunications and telemarketing calls, and any barriers people may face in adopting these solutions.

With an extra day off and a long holiday weekend for many this week, it’s the perfect chance.

Have an idea to save us all? Spend some time and get your two-cents in.

Comment here, online, or mail or fax your idea to:

CRTC, Ottawa, Ontario  K1A 0N2

819-994-0218 (fax)

The deadline to submit preliminary information has been extended to October 23 rd , 2015.

Imagine a blissful day without any contact with 1-800 numbers.

For more information, check out the CRTC online .