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I have a google nexus one and I haven't activated a carrier yet.

I want to get a 3 year contract through a rogers reseller (corp rate). Since I am getting a 3 year contract I can get the Acer Liquid E for $50.

Is it possible to give the Acer Liquid E to my wife to use through her Rogers Pay As You Go Plan and I use my Nexus One with the 3 year contract? Or is swapping phone around for different plans not allowable?

Any do's and don't's regarding this swap? (or advice for possible problems we may have?) Anything I should be aware of?

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the line you are doing a 3-year contract on, may also require you to do a 3-year data term as well, which can incur a penalty if you remove data.

make sure you do not just HUP for the sake of getting the phone and adding data if you do not use/need it for 3 years. my friend pays an extra $300/yr on his phone bill for getting a data plan he does not need, because he wanted to buy a $300 phone for $0, so to save $300, he is paying it x3 (for the remainder of his 3-year data contract) does that make sense?
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