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suntv hd, windsor region.

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its been awhile since i last watched the channel but i recently noticed they dont have smallville or supernatural anymore does anyone know when this happaned? or if theirs another channel i can watch them in hd in the windsor region besides having to pay for the movie package...
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The company behind CHCH purchased the broadcast rights to most of SunTV's previous lineup, including those shows you mentioned. CHCH HD will be showing Smallville on Tuesday nights at 10pm (4 days after it's shown on The CW) and Supernatural on Thursday nights at 10pm (6 days after it's shown on The CW).

I swear, why can't they just show them on Friday nights so we can all watch them together as one big friendly continent? They show Chuck at the same time and day that NBC does. All they show on Friday nights are random movies anyway.

You could watch them in HD on the CW channel 50 out of Detroit if you have an antenna and a digital tuner. Just another idea, i know this is the Cogeco forum but i thought i'd throw it out there.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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