Originally scheduled to launch on January 1st and then March of this year, Sun News, a Quebecor owned 24/7 English-language news channel, is now said to be launching on April 18th.

Company spokesman Serge Sasseville told Canadian Press today the launch delay was due renovation snags and the need for more money than initially budgeted.

The new category 2 specialty station, which will compete with CBC's News Network and the CTV News Channel, is trying to replicate the success of the Fox News network in the United States by being more populist and more conservative than its competitors.

During the launch event for Sun News in June of 2010, Quebecor president and chief executive Pierre Karl Peladeau and the head of SunTV News at the time Kory Teneycke described existing Canadian news networks as "condescending," "politically correct," and "boring" and promised that Sun TV news would be "Canada's Home to Hard News and Straight Talk." Programming, which Teneycke said would be "unapologetically patriotic," would consist of news during the day and talk shows at night.

The station has been the subject of much debate in the media thanks to Peladeau and Teneycke's derisive comments during the launch event and due to the resignation of Tenecyke shortly thereafter.

Just two months after the launch event in September, Mr. Tenecyke, a former spokesperson for Prime Minister Stephen Harper, abruptly left Quebecor, telling a news conference that increasingly bitter public debate over his role had made him a liability to the TV venture. His resignation also came one day after Toronto lawyer Clayton Ruby asked the police to investigate tampering with an online petition against Sun TV News organized by global activist group Avaaz.org, a group which Mr. Teneycke admitted he had been in contact with. Four months after he resigned, Mr. Tenecyke returned to Quebecor.

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