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Suggestions for DX11 video card under $150?

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I'm looking to get a mid-range DirectX11-compatible card under $150 for some light gaming. It's important that the card runs relatively cool, quiet, and isn't a power hog i.e. it should work with a 450-watt power supply.

The nVidia GTS 450 and ATI 5750 are tops on my list right now, as both seem to offer what I'm looking for.

nVidia's CUDA sounds in interesting in terms of possibly being able to speed up transcoding of h.264 streams to my PS3 via 3rd party software, but this isn't on my 'absolute must-have' list.

Any recommendations for one or the other, and specific brands I should look for for each?
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The 5770 can be had now for under $150.

This store in Mississauga has it for $144.
I'm not that crazy about mail-in rebates, so I'm trying to find something that's a tiny bit cheapter than that, but thanks for the suggestion :)
The replacements for the ATI 5 series cards will be arriving in the next few months so prices should drop for them.
5770 would be my choice but it might be too much for a 450 watt power supply. I think ATI recommends a 500 or 600 Watt power supply.

Regarding being a power hog. The 5770 is actually quite efficient and only uses a lot of power when its being driven hard. Toms Hardware is the best site to check out has they compare power consumption also.
Civuck raises a good point. If you can hold off until October 19th, we should have a better idea on how the Radeon 6xxx series will be. Some sources are stating there is going to be a delay of up to a month or so, but I wouldn't be surprised if there's at least a "soft-launch" of the 6xxx cards on that date. Even with a soft-launch, we should know whether it would be worth it to grab the new card or just buy a discounted 5770.
I'm not in too much of a hurry and can wait another month. The reported TdP of the 5750 and 5770 are 86w and 108w respectively (106w for the GTS 450). I'll do a few searches and see if there are any reports of how well 5770's run with a 450w PSU.

Thanks for all the feedback so far.
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