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Hello all, not sure if i've posted this in the right section or not, i apologize if i've done so.

I have a question concerning nhl center ice. At first i had two bell 3100 receivers in the house (1 in the living room / 1 in the bedroom). I upgraded the living room to HD (the 6131 i think), and still have the old 3100 that was there. This was back in November.

Christmas time, i purchased nhl center ice using the bell 3100 receiver in the bedroom (it is hooked up to the telephone line). It automatically appeared on the bedroom receiver, and is also available in the living room on the HD box.

Here's where I'm stumped.....Was being creative, and set the old living room 3100 bell receiver up in the garage, installed another dish on the garage as well. All subscription channels are coming in on the old 3100 in the garage, except for nhl center ice. The guide has those channels in red.

Was wondering why i couldn't get those channels to come in? When they're coming in on the other two in the house?
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