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Galaxie will be playing holiday music from Nov. 13, 2010 to Jan. 3 on their digital music channels. Galaxie music channels are available on most digital TV providers. The channels changes are:

Traditional Holiday replaces Kid's Stuff
Smooth Jazz Christmas replaces Smooth Jazz
Franco Fete replaces Mousses Musique

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Yes, was listening today to:

Smooth Jazz, Rogers Digital channel 744 (in Ottawa)

The Christmas / Jazz stuff on this channel, this time of year, is nice to listen to.

That Smooth Jazz channel is good all year round ...

[ Friend has a Roger's Digital box at his place in Ottawa. And I stay there during my work week in Ottawa. ]

so ... I hooked up the audio output at the back of the Rogers Digital box to one of the inputs on his full size Stereo system beside - and the sound coming out of that setup is pretty awsome.

Good receiver / amp / and full size 3 way speakers ...

It makes all the difference ... the good sound system connected together with the Digital box and the TV.

So we sort of rigged up our own "Home Theatre" that way - with the equipment we already had ...

But it's awsome ... the sound can blow you away ...

Sports ... music channels ... video channels (esp. we like Much Music Retro Videos on Rogers Digital ch 703 in Ottawa)

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Good idea for a thread. I have modified the title so as to include other options. Here is my suggestion.

If you have an Apple TV you can find Christmas 24/7 and Christmas 24/7 Jazz under the Radio's Religious category. And under International Christmas Melody

Merry Christmas :)

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Galaxie 2011 Holiday Music

Just an update for Galaxie. They have the same 3 channels of holiday music from Nov 14, 11 to Jan 8, 12.

Shaw also has the following Galaxie holiday channels for on-line streaming:

Holiday Favourites
Franco Fête
Smooth Jazz Christmas
Traditional Christmas
Contemporary Holiday
Country Christmas
Instrumental Holiday
Cocktail Christmas
R&B Christmas
Rat Pack Christmas
Un Noël Franco Retro
Un Noël Country

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Slacker Radio's offerings:

Christian Christmas
Christmas music classics & originals performed by Christian artists

Classical Holiday
Classical renditions of your favorite Christmas music

Comedy Holiday
'Tis the season to be really jolly!

Country Holiday
Old and new Christmas music favorites from country's biggest superstars

Holiday Classics
Timeless Christmas song classics

Jazz Holiday
Put a little cool in your Yule

Kids Christmas
Christmas songs from popular kids TV shows and more!

Navidad Latina
A spicy mix of Latin Christmas songs

Oldies Holiday
Elvis, Beach Boys and Motown Christmas carols

Pop Holiday
All your favorite Christmas hits old and new

R&B Holiday
Funky beats for a soulful Christmas

Rock Holiday
Season's greetings in the tune of rock and alternative Christmas songs

Winter Solstice
Sounds for the Winter Solstice with a dash of Noel

World Holiday
Yule tidings from around the world
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