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Stream ATSC OTA over LAN? (HD Homerun?)

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I just got a silicone dust HD Homerun box and it gave me an idea. It converts the ATSC OTA signal to IP and lets you stream it over your home network to various devices in your house.

I think it would be cool if they weatherproofed the box so you could mount it outside on the mast of your antenna. I know the technology exists to send power over ethernet cable so they could power it that way. If they built a high quality amp into it you'd be set.

Think about it, if you ran some good RG-11 from the balun on your antenna just a couple of feet into this box on the mast of your antenna there would be practically no loss whatsoever. You could do all of your splitting with your network router, and you wouldn't need RF coming into your house at all. You'd just be routing IP traffic. And unlike splitting an RF signal, routing IP traffic is lossless. You can even do it wirelessly.

Another thing that would be cool would be if they built a GUI into the box so you could talk to it on your computer. If they made a rotor that connected to the box so you could control the rotor with your PC -- or better yet if the box was smart enough to peak the signal for you (if you asked it to) that would be awesome.

I know the technology exists to do all of this, somebody just has to put it together, and if they did I'd definitely set-up my system that way.
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I'm not familiar with this product, but if it's only a 100Mbps ethernet connection, then it requires only 4 of the 8 wires in CAT5 anyways. You could use the other 4 conductors and make your own power pigtail connection.

I know I've seen ethernet power inserters, and they could be used for this purpose. Or, you can buy a cat5 network jack and make your own. :)
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