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Quite often when I download music via torrents, I usually do whole albums then pick and choose from there, once downloaded the album name, track, artist etc all show up as they should be on my computer in their appropriate folder. Once I transfer those songs to my Stiletto 2 using My Sirius Studio, once again the song title, artist, album all show up, I transfer to the SD card, still everything is fine. Then I turn on the Stiletto and for some reason it now only shows song title. No artist, album info. Some people wouldn't care because the songs are still on there, but personally I like all mp3 to show artist, song and album makes for searching a certain album or song much easier. It never happens when I burn a CD I already own and transfer to Stiletto. This happening to anything else? And if so, any ideas as to a solution? I used to have an ipod and you could simply hit 'F2' in iTunes and edit everything, never thought I would miss that....
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