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I am redoing my basement and putting in a home theatre area. I have young kids ranging from 9-13 years of age. We will be using this setup mostly for playing games (kids) and watching movies and HD shows (us). The only piece of equipment that I have for this right now is a PS3 and Wii. I do have a Viewsonic 37" Costco special but none of us like the picture compared to our upstairs calibrated Panasonic plasma (7th Gen). So, the Viewsonic will likely be given away or sold. I am telling you all this so that you know that even my kids have an eye for a decent picture. I don't think any of have much of an ear however. The kids are used to the iPod sound and my ears are too old to matter.

The room setup is such that the main seating area will be about 9 feel away from the TV. The TV faces two small windows so the glare maybe an issue that can be dealt with blinds. I am concerned with image retention so I am thinking LCD (LED) rather than plasma. I prefer the picture of a plasma, should I be concerned with image retention? Given the distance, I am leaning towards a 50 inch monitor.

The budget for the setup is about $3-5k. I have asked the question about speakers elsewhere and I will thinking of going with mostly in-wall speakers from Monoprice.

So, here are the questions?

*Is 50 inch the right size? Should I fuss over 720p vs. 1080p? My main plasma is 1080p and I still love the picture on it.

*Are the new LCD comparable to Plasma in image quality. They do not seem to be when I look at them in a store.

*What is the best value for $12-1800 monitor?

* What is the best option for a receiver? HDMI inputs are important for a clean install. I have always owned a mid range Yamaha or NAD in the past.

Other considerations. Viewsonic did not have discrete commands for inputs, which was a real pain to setup a remonte control. So, discretes are important for any of the devices.

As always, thanks for your input.
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