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I've built a few antennas.
They do work, but there's no way I'd post what they look like;)
Doesn't mean I've never contributed anything though:)

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wildwillie, you are right. :) My neighbours know that I'm the antenna guy so they ask me how they can get all the Vancouver and Bellingham DTV stations, and if they're seniors I build them a reflectorless indoor SBGH. I think I've made about five now, but the first one had the narrow feed gap and then I made the others with the wider gap. I just mash them together out of scrap lumber, flooring, baluns, and 10AWG copper wire, and then splash on some paint, so they are definitely nothing to look at but they work great. This one has been sitting in my shop collecting sawdust for a long time:

I haven't tried a Stealth Hawk yet but I'm sure it would be excellent for the same use.

My present set of antennas that I occasionally put up and take down for testing is:
  • SBGH narrow gap for indoors
  • ancient CM or Delhi 4-bay bowtie reflector for Vancouver UHF DTV stations (I leave this one up there all the time - it is a pre-CM4221 with no ID markings on it)
  • stacked CM4221HDs feeding into a CM0264 preamp for SeaTac and Bellingham UHFs
  • CM Quantum 1111 for SeaTac and Bellingham VHF-HI and FM Radio stations, with 2 Vancouver VHF analogue stations coming in through back and side lobes
  • Antennacraft UFO for my camper (old analogue thumb-rocker switch controller version)
  • various other antennas on the ground at the side of the house
Today the only antenna I'm running is the 4-bay because mrs. stampeder is really after me to keep up with my list of things to do around the house that is now a few years old... ;)
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