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This may be an unpopular opinion but most of your points are incorrect/irrelevant.

1) Square One can do whatever they like on their property as long as it doesn't break any laws. Filming of people for security purposes does not break any laws and does not require permission.

2) No, private property is private property. If they don't want you taking pictures of their customers, then you can't take pictures. Expectation of privacy has nothing to do with it.

3) Yes, they can certainly enforce their rules as they see fit. I agree that you wouldn't been bothered if you had been filming your friends/family but they can certainly prohibit the filming of security "incidents".

4) Irrelevant. Stars are fair game as soon as they step into public space. The Rodney King and G20 incidents occurred outside in public space. IANAL but I suspect if you were caught taking video in a movie theatre or taking photos in an art gallery you'd be told to delete your video/photos.

5) Again, owners can dictate how devices can be used on their property. A very common example of this is the "No flash photography allowed" sign which dictates how you can use your camera.
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