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If Square One doesn't have a sign specifically saying you can't photograph or record then until they ask you to you are allowed. That being said once they asked you to stop you do have to comply. I doubt they can ask you to delete what you've already done prior to this, if they really didn't want you to record at all they would post a sign.

As to the rest of it: If it really bothers you, and obviously it does there's a much simpler way to handle this. Write a letter to the Square One management office, and send a copy to the Apple Store manager at Square One (Make sure you mention this in the letter)

Describe what happened, mention the agressive behaviour, the hostile atmosphere and the statements about your mental competence.

Security guards don't have any rights that you don't, even on the property they're paid to work. The only right he has is to call the police and have them deal with you, the intimidation (give me your id!) the name calling etc is simply unprofessional and there's a good chance that Square One doesn't want him working for them if they found out about it. Which is of course why he had to 'apologize'

I guess I should add that the security guard (as the duly designated representative for the mall) does have the right to have you removed from the properly at any time, but as you can probably guess most shopping malls aren't too interested in having their security guards just willy nilly ejecting people from the premises. I'll leave that as an exercise to the reader as to why :)
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