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SportsNetOne on Telus TV

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I just got Optik, but if Telus doesn't get it in the next two weeks I'll be switching back to Shaw!

I called Telus and they don't think they will be getting it...WTF?!

Anyone know anything differently, now that Shaw's got it?
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these channels are only there for games. No programming in between. found that out in another forum.
Anyone know what package sportsnet one will be in or if its gonna be on a package of its own? Still nothing about it on telus site.
It better be part of the Sports package. TSN has 2 channels, so should Sportsnet!
I was told by a CSR from Telus yesterday that the new Sportsnet One channel and the two hockey only channels (Oilers & Flames) are part of the Sports Theme extra charge. The channels are up and running.
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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