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SportsNetOne on Telus TV

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I just got Optik, but if Telus doesn't get it in the next two weeks I'll be switching back to Shaw!

I called Telus and they don't think they will be getting it...WTF?!

Anyone know anything differently, now that Shaw's got it?
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This panicking over 1 channel is pathetic. Seriously. I'm a DIEHARD Canucks fan. Season Tickets, subscribe to Center Ice, you name.

But this is borderline ridiculous with the amount of panic that people are going through for 9 regional games.

People are applauding shaw for what? Bending over to Rogers ? Sure, it's not going to be "extra" right now but I wouldnt be shocked to see the overall price of your bill go up. There's always a catch.

Not too worried. Worst case scenario is going to a bar or streaming online.

People REALLY need to relax.
Not a reliable source but from one of the hockey message boards I regularly frequent:

So I just got off the phone with telus and Optik will hold the SN1 free preview starting SEPTEMBER 22nd on these channels:
Standard Definition: 106
High Definition: 677

The operator I was talking to told me that they were told this today.
Confirmed by Telus now:
Free preview of Sportsnet One national channels on Optik TV starting Sept 22 on channel 106 (SD) and channel 677 (HD)! More details to come!
1 - 3 of 25 Posts
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