Rogers announced today that it will be giving its Sportsnet television, radio, print and internet properties an makeover starting Monday October 3rd.

Gone is the old red dot surrounded by a stylized and rotated letter C which was a throwback to when the station was called CTV Sportsnet, replaced by the word Sportsnet with a red and blue swoosh underneath.

For the record CTV said the logo was a blue stick man (not a C) stylized in a swoosh around a red ball.

Readers have commented the new logo has many elements of the Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots logos.

The new branding campaign coincides with the launch of Sportsnet’s Major League Baseball playoffs and the start of the network’s regional hockey coverage of the Toronto Maple Leafs, Vancouver Canucks, Calgary Flames, Edmonton Oilers and Ottawa Senators.

In addition to the new look, Rogers says it will rename its Setanta Sports Canada digital specialty channel to Sportsnet World beginning next week.

Below is the old Sportsnet logo, the new logo and the Buffalo Bill and New England Patriots logo.

Old Sportsnet Logo

New Sportsnet Written Logo

Buffalo Bills Logo

New England Patriots Logo

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