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It is NCAA championship weekend - there are many games on the Sports Pak SD channels. But nothing on the HD channels. What gives?

Who is it that is in charge of what content goes in HD and doesn't?

Last weekend was another issue. Because TSN was showing game 1 only of 4 on ESPN - all the games were not available in HD on the Sports Pak.

It is frustrating to know that there are at least two ESPN HD streams available - which are normally shown here - but for some reason, not today.

**** EDIT *** Suddenly at the last minute, a channel of HD fills up. I checked at noon and nothing was there. Glad to see this - just wish there was better advance notice, and some insight into the process would be appreciated.

After waiting about an hour on hold , a Rogers rep came back to tell me that the official answer was -" the team that decides does not take calls from customers" and "if we are not showing the games, it's because a) we don't have rights to the games in HD, or b) we are having bandwidth issues". Adding to the irony was that a channel of HD games "appeared magically" while I was on hold.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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