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Splitting 6 TV's...

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Hello all,

There are currently 6 TV's in the house and I want to make sure I've done all my splits as best as I can. I'm located in Chatham, so unfortunetally no digial TV (yay for me!) so getting the most out of my setup is a must.

2x 6200, 1x 6412, 1x 1700, 2x no box

I've attached a picture (done quickly in Paint) to better explain my setup.

Currently all my boxes are reporting between

SRN: -17dB to -20dB (Fair)
ARG: 26% (Good)

Is there ANYTHING that I can do with my setup to improve my singal quality.

And Phone/Internet is working perfectly fine, even with that extra splitter.
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Thanks for the info 57.

I had already called Cogeco and their responce was "Well, unless there's actually a problem with your singal, which I don't see, we can't send someone out".

Guess I'll do some more digging to see if I can install an amp splitter myself...
Would you happen to have any suggestions for spitters (names, websites, etc)?
Found this on Tiger Direct Canada

Motorola 484095-001-00 Signal Booster - Cable + 15db Broadband Drop Amplifier
Item Number: M152-1000

Don't think I can post links?

Yay? Nay?

Paolo, I'll be doing some cable re-work no doubt XD and getting ride of some splitter.
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FYI, I installed the amp last Friday and it seems the picture quality is better, especially on the larger 52" TV's. I'm receiving a "Good" status now on all my receivers too.

I am starting to look at Bell for satellite TV however and dropping my Cogeco package down to basic for the winter. Then in the spring install an antenna in the attic so I can pick up the local CBC (not available on Bell), get ride of Cogeco completely for TV.
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