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Splitting 6 TV's...

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Hello all,

There are currently 6 TV's in the house and I want to make sure I've done all my splits as best as I can. I'm located in Chatham, so unfortunetally no digial TV (yay for me!) so getting the most out of my setup is a must.

2x 6200, 1x 6412, 1x 1700, 2x no box

I've attached a picture (done quickly in Paint) to better explain my setup.

Currently all my boxes are reporting between

SRN: -17dB to -20dB (Fair)
ARG: 26% (Good)

Is there ANYTHING that I can do with my setup to improve my singal quality.

And Phone/Internet is working perfectly fine, even with that extra splitter.
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You should likely have Cogeco in to do what they can. Normally the internet would be the first split, then the next splits would go to the various TVs, but they may have something along the lines of an amplified splitter, or an amp followed by a splitter but a multi-out splitter instead of all the various splitters you have.
If you're going to do this yourself, some quick bits of advice.

- try to make the internet the first split and without amplification.
- any cable TV downstream of that two way splitter can then be amped.
- don't scrimp on the amp - cheap amps may do more harm than good (especially regarding the return signal)
- there are amps that can be used upstream of internet too, but they are typically quite expensive - a couple hundred $.
I believe that one of the forum sponsors - SaveAndReplay handles distribution amps. They are OTA specialists, but I believe the equipment in question can be used for cable. Prices seem to be good.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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