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Splitting 6 TV's...

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Hello all,

There are currently 6 TV's in the house and I want to make sure I've done all my splits as best as I can. I'm located in Chatham, so unfortunetally no digial TV (yay for me!) so getting the most out of my setup is a must.

2x 6200, 1x 6412, 1x 1700, 2x no box

I've attached a picture (done quickly in Paint) to better explain my setup.

Currently all my boxes are reporting between

SRN: -17dB to -20dB (Fair)
ARG: 26% (Good)

Is there ANYTHING that I can do with my setup to improve my singal quality.

And Phone/Internet is working perfectly fine, even with that extra splitter.
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you can get a really great quality 6-way splitter antronix makes them, you can put that after the line amplifer, and it will remove some of the clutter from all the excess splitters in your diagrahm.

in theory you only really need 2 splitters, a 2-way at the entrance (3-way if you have Digital phone service) to the modem, the other leg off your first splitter goes to the amp, then to your 6-way feeding all your TV's. that way, you will have balanced signal among each port.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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