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Spike Tv Canadian programming

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Hi, i just got spike Tv and wanted to know if they air any of the ufc specials that spike tv in America gets, like UFC unleashed and the Ultimate Fight. I have noticed that some of the programming thats on the spike tv webiste doesnt air on Bell.
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This has nothing to do with Bell, so I've moved your thread here. The service providers are simply a "conduit" between the broadcaster and the customer. In many cases the Canadian channel that has a similar name to the American channel will air different programmes, sometimes because the channels are not even related (Discovery) and sometimes because they don't have the Canadian rights for certain programming where the channels are related (TCM, HDNet, etc)

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Spike TV does show most of the UFC Programming that it shows in the states. As a matter of fact i think they show more in canada as they use UFC to fill some time for programming that don't have canadian rights for.
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