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Speed increase?

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I have been on Rogers Extreme for a number of years now, with a Motorola SB5100 Modem. Whenever I have tried Rogers SpeedCheck I have consistently gotten 10Mbps down, 1Mbps up. I assume there was a profile cap limiting my download speed.

Now, when I ran the tests this week I am consistently getting 17-18Mbps down and 1Mbps up. It seems like they have changed my profile.

Maybe Rogers is planning to raise the "Extreme" download speed?
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Yeah. Same here. Downtown Toronto. Have Extreme, and getting 19.98 mb down and .99 mb up.
Looks like Express is up as well. On the Rogers site I got 18 down, 0.5 up. On other sites, the download speed was not quite as high.

Express is supposed to be 10/0.5 and that's what I had until this recent check. I haven't checked in several months though, probably.
Rogers testing Powerboost...
That makes sense, since you see the speed go quite high initially--I have seen as high as 33Mbps download--and then settle down to 17-18Mbps over the length of the test.

That being said, the base speed seems also to have been raised from 10 to 17Mbps.
Don't be so sure. Those tests are based on the average speed, so that boost really skews the final result.
Are the tests really based on average speed (speakeasy and Rogers). When I look at the display during the tests, it's the last reading that's posted, not the average.

For example, it may start at 30 and end around 17-18. For my uploads it may start at 0.300 and end up at 0.500... The speakeasy download speeds aren't as high as Rogers, often ending as low as 10-12 (Express)
I'm pretty sure the needle itself is the average speed up to that point. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm 99% certain that those tests are based on average speed.
Well, this sucks.. I am paying for 25Mbps and getting between 17-18 and peeps paying for 10 are also getting 17-18 :)
I suspect this is a prelude to some restructuring of the internet pricing tiers. Inevitably, for Rogers this will mean an increase in rates, though it probably also means higher speeds.
I'm on extreme plus (25Mbps) and have definitely been getting higher speed tests, but I don't think actual performance has increased.

Speed Test #89976676 by ***************
Run: 2010-06-23 22:51:04 EST
Download: 39827 (Kbps)
Upload: 1006 (Kbps)
In kilobytes per second: 4861.8 down 122.8 up
Tested by server: 56 java
User: Eluder @ ***************
User's DNS:
Compared to the average of 56 tests from
* download is 179% better, upload is 47% better
Wish we had download/upload caps increased or removed. I've got extreme, and 1mb upload sucks too. I didn't notice any speed increase also.

Overall, asside from the cap and upload rate for what we pay, reliability is great.
This is a quote taken from another forum, posted by a Rogers employee that has proven reliable in the past, concerning Powerboost:

This is being tested on 4 CMTSs in the GTA area only. The maximum possible speed is 38mb/s for a D2 modem, and 114 for any D3 modem, regardless of provisioned speed. The speed will be sustained for the first 10 megabytes of a transfer then will go back to the correct speed for your package. This will only take place if the extra bandwidth is currently available on the node.
It looks like a speed increase is on the way for Extreme customers. The "regular" product list on the Rogers website still lists the Extreme speed at 10/1, but if you go to the 'package comparison' page here, Extreme is listed at 15/1. Still the same caps though. :(
It looks like they have already rolled it back!

I'm still hopeful, and assume that an increase to 15/1 is just around the corner.
What do you mean by rolled it back? The page I'm linking to still says 15/1. Unless I'm misunderstanding your comment...
NOW it's been rolled back. The chart is back to saying 10/1 for Extreme. Someone jumped the gun somewhere. :)
And it's now official: Extreme is now 15/1, but with a reduced cap of 80GB. Current Extreme users can keep the 95GB cap, but will stay on 10/1 (for the time being. We know how Rogers deals with grandfathering, the Lite package 40GB/2GB cap fiasco being the prime evidence).
No doubts in my mind that;

1. Speed increase was in response to Hell's Fibe offerings.

2. Reduced caps are related to the announcement. Robbers will do everything it can to kill this competitor, including raping us with overages.

It's all about the speed with Robbers ("Canada's fastest internet"), but they continually screw us with reduced caps and then sodomize us with abhorrent overage charges.

One thing's for sure: if TSI Cable is available when my Extreme contract's up (Nov), I'll be switching.

We live in a great country, but we're in the Dark Ages when it comes to telecom/internet/wireless services.

Look at that. I pay for 10 mbps. Looks like it's still working
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