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From TSM today, found this rather interesting. Splitting it away from the Fan 590 thread. For anyone who isn't aware, Greg Brady is leaving Watters show and going to 590...
I still haven’t heard who will be working with Bill Watters when September rolls around. Is it possible that the answer is by committee? It is possible that the answer is no one- as in would 640 walk away from sports save for Leaf games? I have no clue. I can tell you that lots of people are talking about those scenarios. Me, I still lobby for Stellick to get the gig. I would hope that Rogers/Fan doesn’t hold Stellick to any non-compete and would allow Stellick to go to the 640 to join Watters. Here’s a hunch, and this isn’t based upon fact, but only opinion, I’m thinking that if 640 remains committed to hockey/sports (ie doesn’t wind things down with Watters) a certain beat guy that I am not overly fond of ends up there. Hell who knows, if Mccown thinks those who made the decision to move his show could be incredibly “stupid”- then maybe he flies up the dial when his contract ends?????????????

He is obviously referring to Howard Burger maybe leaving 590 and hosting with Watters if Stellick doesn't get the gig. The shuffle in Toronto continues to play out...
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