Travel + Escape, an English language specialty channel devoted to travel and adventure programming, will be getting a new look on November 1st along with a number of new programs.

Owners of the station, Glassbox Television, says more than 70% off the primetime schedule will be overhauled with a number of newly commissioned originals and acquired series added to the line-up.

To entice viewers into watching, the station will be offering a three-month free preview from November 1, 2011 to January 31, 2012 to over 8.8 million households across Canada.

The following is a brief overview, provided by the station, of the new shows that will air on the specialty channel.

Piers Morgan On…
Premieres November 2011
Piers Morgan (Piers Morgan Tonight) welcomes viewers into some of the most opulent sought after hotspots the world has to offer, a truly VIP experience.

Ghost Adventures
Premieres November 2011
Investigate the scariest, most notoriously haunted places in the world with three fearless ghost hunters as they interview eyewitnesses, historians, and confront dusk-to-dawn ‘lockdowns’.

Ian Wright: Out of Bounds
Premieres November 2011
Globe-trekker Ian Wright travels to all corners of the earth, using his witty personality to become one with the locals in the interesting places he visits.

Dhani Tackles the Globe
Premieres November 2011
NFL linebacker, Dhani Jones embarks on a global sports odyssey that takes him anywhere with a scoreboard to explore how sports help to define culture.

Chefs Run Wild
Premieres November 2011
Three chefs from Winnipeg, Chad and Clayton Klyne and Lyndon Wiebe, ditch their stable jobs in search of edible explorations in Asia.

Paddling Bryans
Premieres November 2011
Journey across North America with 2 modern day voyageurs, Bryan Wallwork and Bryan Adams, who travel 5,555 kilometers from Milk River Alberta to New Orleans Louisiana in a canoe.

Destination Fear
Premieres January 2012
Co-produced with Travel Channel US, hidden cameras and improv specialists bring the paranormal to life for a few unsuspecting travellers across some of North America’s most notoriously haunted destinations.

Operation Unplugged
Premieres February 2012
Host Alan Bishop takes 8 of the most self proclaimed technology obsessed Canadians – unplugs them and immerses them in a month long challenge-based adventure through breathtaking National Parks across Canada. Series produced in partnership with Parks Canada.

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