The Space Channel gets sexy this week when the station debuts a new summer series this Friday called "Forbidden Science."

Combining sex and science fiction, the 13-episode series, rated 18A, takes place in an imaginative world where cloning and androids are commonplace and follows the company 4 Ever Innovations which fulfils lusty dreams  memories to anyone willing to pay.

Judging by the promotional images from the station (several shown here), this show is more about titillation than exploration.

In the premiere episode, Bethany Montrose (Joanne Alderson), divorced and seeking a new life, goes to work for an old friend's corporation, 4Ever Innovations. Working with scientists who perform advanced human cloning, Bethany's first project involves a husband who wants to be reunited with his dead wife.

The series was created by Doug Brode (Van Helsing, Planet of the Apes, Harry Potter, Iron Man and JJ Abrams’ Star Trek) and stars Austin Ball, Noelle DuBois, Joanne Alderson, and Vanessa Broze.

Forbidden Science premieres Friday July 9th at 11:30pm ET / 8:30pm PT on Space.

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